Codev Limited
Selected Projects 2006-2023
2012 - 2023 University College London Biobank Designed and implemented a secure database to track biological products in healthcare research across 12 studies with over a decade of use. 2014 - 2023 Wordpress website development Full stack development of Wordpress websites with custom database tables allowing users to update and add journal articles, books, poems, artworks and more. Completed sites for author Taymour Soomro, the art collective FYTA, psychoanalyst and writer Dr Jordan Osserman and poet translator Timothy Ades. 2006 - 2023 iPhone apps Wrote a series of public and private iOS apps including OneMail secure storage email client, VertiGo vestibular rehabilitation app for dizziness, Formulary pharmaceutical reference guide, OptOK universal toolkit for eye examination that includes acuity, reading and optokinetic nystagmus tests and popular medical guide Dermatomes featured by Apple in their 'Back to Medical School' guide. 2022 Wordpress medical training site crisis management Worked with a Cambridge professor to rescue five Wordpress sites for medical education that had been hacked. Recreated the sites on a new host, restored all content and secured the sites against future breaches. 2021 aiMARK AI Poetry Generator - Infinite Genesis Won an Arts Council grant with world renowned poet and professor Aimee Le to write a software tool to allow poets and songwriters to use GPT-3 to generate ideas and switch between poetic forms. Toured the project with workshops and research in London, Cornwall, Athens and South Korea. 2020 Roche and HDYO Registry Worked with the Huntington's Disease Youth Organisation and Roche pharmaceutical to implement a Node and MongoDB based registry for families affected by Juvenile onset Huntington’s Disease to record their experiences of care and research. 2019 London Renters Union Rent Repayment Order database Wrote a Ruby on Rails web app to generate Rent Repayment Order applications and legal bundles working with Airtable as a backend. The system used renters' details from Airtable to create forms to be submitted to the court, generate witness statements and paginate and arrange legal bundles along with tracking case progress. 2017 UCL Neurology Archives Project Designed and implemented a database for storing, searching and displaying digitised archives from the Queen Square Library neurology archives. Includes full text search of digitised books, examination of very high resolution images and synchronisation with University College London's main library archives. See it at 2017 Room To Heal Database Rails and Postgres based database for securely tracking therapy, casework and gardening interventions with Room To Heal's members. Working with extremely sensitive data I built a system from scratch with a powerful query language for stakeholder reports and risk evaluation. Worked to change the system as caseworkers, therapists and fundraisers needs changed over the years. Room to Heal have been named Charity Champions by Comic Relief, the Lloyds Foundation praised their outstanding impact and the UN have invited them to train others in the field. 2015 British Sign Language Signbank Set up and maintained a Django and MySQL based database of BSL signs including video. Adapted Steve Cassidy's Auslan signbank to include new features such as regional signs, searching by sign features and researcher accounts providing ability to edit and upload content. See it at 2014 King's Place interactive contemporary classical installation Worked with renowned classical composer Philip Venables to produce a installation for King's Place in London to allow visitors to alter and play with a composition by moving across dance mats. 2012 Demos Everyday Democracy Index web app Developed a web app to allow people to interactively play with the research paper and book Demos produced on democratic values and practices. Allowing users to say which aspect of democracy they thought were most important and see how European countries scored when users set their own criteria for democratic values and practices. 2012 Huntington's Disease Association Message Board Set up and maintained a Discourse message board for the HDA England and Wales - a charity helping people living with Huntington’s disease to live a better life. Migrated from a previous PHPBB board keeping all content. I help with both technical and content management. See it at 2012 Repreive Geospatial Flight Knowledge Base Implemented a Python and Tokyo Cabinet based geospatial database with an ExtJS frontend to allow Repreive staff and trusted partners to track and understand flight data in order to find and research rendition flights. 2011 HDBuzz scientific research news network Designed and implemented a Rails based website to communicate Huntington’s disease research news written by scientists in plain language. The site has over 50 writers and nearly 200 translators working on a custom backend that allows them to write news articles about HD research papers and have them translated and distributed to local support networks in 18 languages including Arabic, Farsi and Chinese. 2011 OMG Mapping Project Wrote a series of 10 experiments in C# with a WPF interface to display OMG's geospatial street asset database in unique and usable 3D views. 2011 Mozilla Firefox extension for Cahoot bank statements Wrote a Mozilla Firefox extension to create and download banking statement for Cahoot online banking, a feature that was not present on the website. 2007 - 2010 Asylum, LeapFrog, Pinnacle and Hasbro computer games Was brought in as a consultant to get games through final stages of validation and shipping. Worked on many projects including Nancy Drew, Peppa Pig and LeapFrog games working with the existing teams to get them through Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Wii and 3DS validation processes and get them ready for release. 2006 Immersive architectural visualisation Worked with firm of architects to produce an interactive mockup of a series of town houses in Hampstead for a demonstration to potential clients. 2006 Massively multiplayer online game Worked with a large multinational corporation on producing a functional and technical specification for a massively multiplayer online game, based on their IP. 2005 LEGO Digital Designer cross platform brick SDK I architected and oversaw a cross platform LEGO brick and model SDK. I wrote a Gamecube application to view LEGO Digital Designer models and demonstrate the cross-platform capabilities of my LEGO SDK. I also ported LEGO Digital Designer to Mac OS X as part of project and wrote a cross-platform screensaver for LEGO models. 2004 Animation blending tools Worked with animators and artists at Qube Software to produce a specification and initial implementation of a tool to assist creation of multi-dimensional animation and mesh blends integrated with Maya and 3DS Max. 2004 Business Intelligence Database Wrote a suite of business intelligence applications to gather feedback on Earthsim from a number of sources into a MySQL database. The suite produced regular reports and answered management questions about sales, marketing campaigns and customer support. 2003 Requirements Checker Designed and wrote a requirements checker to reduce the number of customer service calls made, and increase the speed with which problems were resolved, for the LEGO Digital Designer and Earthsim products.