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How do I delete mail?

To delete mail you swipe your finger from left to right across the message while in list view. You can then click the delete button. This gesture works in many places in iOS including the built-in Mail app.

Does deleting mail from OneMail delete from the server?

Deleting email from OneMail does not delete mail from OneMail. OneMail is designed to complement your existing mail client as a search aid and so does not modify the mail on your server in any way. You should organise your mail in a mail client before syncing with OneMail.

Email formats

Does OneMail download attachments?

You can download attachments for specific messages by clicking on the attachment buttons within the messages when viewing them in OneMail. OneMail does not download attachments by default to save space, it will only download them when you click on them. Once you have downloaded an attachment it will be cached so you don’t have to download it again.

Why can’t I see the HTML version of the email?

OneMail saves space by only downloading the text of the emails.

What attachments can I view in OneMail?

OneMail can view attachment types supported by iOS natively. These include Word, Excel, PDF, images and text files.


What is OneMail designed to do?

OneMail is not designed to replace your mail program. It allows you to carry around the text of your emails everywhere you go and quickly search it even if you are offline. It is designed to compliment your existing mail program (even if that is the built in Mail app) rather than replace it.

Will OneMail work with my iPad or iPod Touch?

Yes, OneMail is a universal app that works in the iPad full screen (without stretching) and on all the iPod Touches as well as the iPhone.

What order are emails downloaded in?

OneMail downloads email with the newest email first. When you restart OneMail it will download new email and then go back and start downloading older email.

Getting started

What kinds of email accounts does OneMail support?

OneMail supports (and prefers) IMAP, used by GMail and many other email products. There is also beta support for POP3 accounts which allows you to use Microsoft Live HotMail. If you are using POP3 you need to make sure that you haven’t downloaded your mail to any other programs, any program you configure should have Leave mail on server set otherwise OneMail won’t be able to access your old email.

I can’t download my attachments using POP3.

POP3 support is in the beta stage and there have been reports of problems downloading attachments with some POP3 servers. We are working on a fix and will soon have a free update available with improved POP3 support.

How do I set up my Gmail account?

Make sure IMAP access to your Gmail Account is enabled. Open up Gmail in your web browser, click “Settings”, go to “POP/IMAP and Forwarding”, then enable IMAP access.

Can I have more than one account?

Yes, you can add and remove accounts in the Settings screen. You get to the Settings screen by clicking the button in the bottom right hand of the screen on the home search screen.

My email account is very large, is there any way of speeding up the download?

If you have a very large account you can change the OneMail settings (available through the iPhone/iPod Touch Settings application) to only download the last 12 months of email. We recommend connecting your device to WiFi and downloading your mail overnight the first time you use OneMail.

Does OneMail support exchange?

We don’t support the Microsoft Exchange protocol, but a large fraction of Microsoft Exchange setups allow accessing accounts via IMAP. Should your system administrator not have IMAP access set up, ask him/her to follow these instructions for Exchange 2007.


What information does OneMail send to it’s servers?

OneMail does not send any personal communication back to us. It communicates directly with your email server (optionally over a secure connection) and does not involve any servers belonging to Codev. When you start OneMail it fetches a page from our servers to get information on updates but the only information this contains is the version of OneMail you are using.

How can I wipe email data if my device is stolen or lost?

You should set up a passcode lock on your iPhone/iPod Touch to ensure your device requires a PIN to use if it is unused for a few minutes. You can do this through the Settings app by clicking General > Passcode Lock. You can use the Remote Wipe feature available through Find My iPhone in iCloud to delete all the contents of your phone (including all of OneMail’s downloaded mail) if it is stolen or lost.


OneMail is not starting up or I have forgotten my PIN. How can I reset OneMail?

You can reset OneMail by making sure OneMail is closed (go to the multitasking bar, do a long press on the OneMail icon then click on the minus sign that appears in the top right) then going to the Settings app on the iPhone (from the home screen) and under OneMail slide ‘Delete All Data’ under ‘Reset OneMail’. Now relaunch OneMail and set up your mail account up again.

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