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OptOK is an eye examination toolkit that includes:

“I use OptOK to test acuity in virtually every patient. It’s quick, accurate and really impresses medical students!” – A UK Neurologist

OptOk is designed by professionals, for professionals at an unbeatably low price.

Test visual acuity using your iPhone or iPod Touch. Choose the optotype, distance and acuity scale from a wide selection. Then swipe through the screens to progress to the next acuity – a tap of the screen shows you the result in a variety of formats. A quick shake of the device refreshes the current test to verify the result – and impress colleagues and patients!

OptOK’s unique reading test presents the patient with a variety of texts written in simple English at a range of sizes. Reading is the function most patients list as their primary objective when going for an eye test. It also tests a larger retinal area than letter reading, so complements acuity testing. Swipe through the sizes, shake to refresh the text and tap to see the results in both U.S. Style M units and British/Australian N units.

OptOK’s nystagmus test is a simple, convenient replacement for cumbersome drums or tapes used to test for optokinetic nystagmus (the optokinetic reflex). Simply swipe your finger to set the stripes moving at the desired speed then look for nystagmus (jerking eye movements). Stop the movement by simply tapping. Optokinetic nystagmus is a normal reflex, so patients with functional blindness will have preserved OKN. Nystagmus that persists once the moving stimulus is stopped may be abnormal.

OptOK is an essential tool for optometrists, opticians, ophthalmologists, neurologists, ENT surgeons (otorhinolaryngologists) and medical students as well as anyone interested in the workings of the brain.

This app should not be relied upon to make clinical decisions, which remain the full responsibility of the user. Consult a doctor if you are experiencing neurological symptoms.

For help with using OptOK please visit the support page.

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