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Updated: August 17, 2011

Download: Cahoot statement extractor

Cahoot statement extractor

I do my personal banking with Cahoot who offer a very good, online orientated, banking service. Unfortunately their online interface is a little sparse and they don’t offer any way to download statements. Statements expire after 1 year and Cahoot don’t provide printed statements so I need to keep some kind of record.

Previously I copied and pasted entries into Microsoft Money, and more recently GnuCash. About three years ago I wrote an application that used Internet Explorer’s automation interfaces to pull the statements out but it was fragile and required me to store my banking password in the source code as I couldn’t find a way of taking over an existing browser session once I had logged in.

Today I decided to write a Firefox extension to do the same thing and it has worked out pretty well. You can download the extension, which works on Mozilla Firefox. When you have installed it you and you are on Cahoot’s banking site an icon will appear in the bottom right-hand of the browser, in the status bar. Clicking it when you are viewing a statement will extract the statement in CSV format, which almost every spreadsheets will load. It works with current accounts, credit cards and savings – and may work with other account types as well.

Update: Cahoot have switched their website to securebank.cahoot.com from ibank.cahoot.com so I have updated the extension to work with the new site.

Update: Updated Firefox version number so it works with Firefox 6 (and all new versions until they change the extension format).